Giant steps are what we take …walking on the moon (I hope my legs don’t break lol)

And so it may appear to many, that I am actually insane, not one but two physical challenges so soon after finishing treatment for BC. My response, of course I am …how else am I supposed to survive in this crazy, crazy world that we live in.

I would actually say I’m not so much crazy as overly enthusiastic and passionate, i throw myself into projects that I believe in whole heartedly. My challenges this year not only raise awareness, and raise money for charities that help so many others, but they also help me to redevelop my fitness and confidence after the jolts of last year. So it’s a win- win situation, there are huge bonuses too ! I’ve met and made new friends with the most amazing women that I’m signed up to these challenges with, we all share similar goals of regaining our health and are all indirectly inspiring those around us. Enthusiasm is contagious.

Please take a moment to read this just giving page. Amanda’s done an incredible job of writing and sharing this one, whilst I’ve been dashing about with Annabel’s Angels. Thanks Amanda xx


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