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Annabel’s Angels Update

9 Feb 2013 by sassy71


Just a quick update on our fundraising progress. So far we’ve raised £675 in support of Annabel’s Angels Race for Life pages. That’s pretty impressive after only a week or so of pages being shared. 

Who are Annabel’s Angels ?
In December 2012 our dear friend Annabel Hancox lost her battle to Breast Cancer. Annabel’s Angels was set up to remember this incredibly unselfish, caring & loving woman who helped us all so very much. 
Annabel’s Angels is a group of women all affected by breast cancer. We met each other during 2012 via the online forum run by Macmillan. We all used the forum but none more so regularly than our dear departed friend Annabel. She spoke to us, held us, reached out to us, we all did and we continue to do so. This group is dedicated to Annabel and her selflessness, determination and love for others. She never ever complained about her illness. We dearly miss her but we acknowledge that without her we wouldn’t have the wonderful connections we have today. Her spirit clearly lives on. Out of something so tragic comes something beautiful.

We are in the early days of our venture, and in the first stage we would like to raise funds to support cancer treatment at the Combined Day Unit at the Royal Derby Hospital where Annabel was treated. A replacement treatment chair, for example, costs £5000. So let’s just see how much we can raise and where this collaboration can take us.


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