True confessions of a wannabe adrenaline junkie

Ha, or perhaps not. You’ll not see me jumping out of a plane, or bungee jumping any time soon. However since Amanda and I crossed the finish line at Moonwalk almost a month ago, there has been lots of talk of the next challenge. 100 km walks, London to Brighton features highly, Women vs Cancer cycle Cuba, or Africa, 400 km avoiding wildlife would be a challenge and very tempting. The downside of completing any challenge is the ‘now what?’ feeling that bursts in immediately afterwards. Think I’ve always been like this, but perhaps is somewhat exaggerated the past year or so. Perhaps all of these push your body, and mind to the limits validate you are alive, look what’s possible and test it a little more.

We live in this incredibly busy life, where juggling as much as possible is a way of life and doing nothing seems alien, or a rare treat. Bucket lists, to do lists, aims, plans, outcomes, vision boards….you name it we have it. There seems so few hours to squeeze in all the exciting and pleasurable activities after you’ve worked, or taken care of the family or house. But we manage it. Work hard, play harder is the motto. I’m a great believer in this, and while I packed away my shot glasses and Jagermeister whilst on treatmet, I upped the ante in other areas, unfortunately work easily fills my time, so working to keep it within safe perimeters is my task at hand.

So here comes June, with a trip to Venice and all it’s charm.I’m looking forward to travelling with a group and seeing them complete the 30k paddle. Walking across hot coals isn’t anything unusual at work – but this time I’m doing it to raise money for Annabel’s Angels in Derby mid June. Should be an interesting day. I’m excited by the list of mini adventures and travels planned over the next few months. Perhaps this is all about maximising life,being in the moment and trying new things. 

I read an article earlier entitled, ’25 signs you are succeeding in life’ – had to read & share, so here goes….

1) Your relationships are less dramatic than they used to be …..

2) You may not have as much money but you have a rich life 

3) You are not afraid to ask for help&support

4) Where you live feels like home 

5) You’ve raised your standards

6) You’ve let go of the things that don’t make you feel good

7) You have moments when you appreciate what you see in the mirror

8) You are limiting your inner critic & consciously choosing more positive thoughts

9)You’ve learnt setbacks and failures are part of getting on in life

10) You have a support system that includes people who would do anything for you 

11) You hear I love you often, from friends, family or a partner 

12) You’ve accepted what you can’t change and change what you can’t accept

13) You don’t complain much, but instead focus on solutions

14) You’ve stopped caring what others think of you 

15) You are happy for your exes when they move on

16) You can celebrate others successes

17) You allow yourself to feel your feelings & are comfortable sharing them

18) You have passions you pursue

19) You are able to accept compliments without deflecting them

20) You have things to look forward to

21) You have goals that have come true

22) You have empathy for others

23) You feel connected at work

24) You love deeply and open yourself up to be loved by others…

25) You stop reading and mentally ticking things off on lists like this ……….




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