Life begins at 40 …

My 40th year on reflection was the best year  !! I was determined to celebrate leading up it and beyond and filled my months with outings, parties and travel. My Facebook is an online scrapbook that always makes me smile when I reminisce on the years past.

Ironic thing about that year was I was finally comfortable in my skin, took chances and had fun !! In around June of that year, a friend can remember me saying that I thought I had a lump in my armpit, and dismissed it as being run down. Would it have made a difference to have it detected then to a year later ? Who knows and if I thought there was a lump then, just how long before was my breast changing and I didn’t realise ?? Why didn’t I go and get it checked ? 

I don’t dwell on such matters really, there is no point, however when I was at the Transformation meeting on Monday, the bigger picture is for Londoners our survival rate is lower as we detect our cancer later. Perhaps we are doing things wrong, perhaps there should be annual examinations like in other countries as being self aware clearly isn’t working for many. Perhaps all women should have a breast and cervical check annually ….cost too much ?? 

Plus I am of the percentage of ‘younger’ women with implants, this doesn’t aid detection as a mammogram can’t see through silicone and so you require ultra sound or MRI. My own concerns when I first found my lump was that I may have ruptured my implants and that worried me as I didn’t know what would happen and it would be costly. Ha this has been priceless !! What does happen after you’ve had implants ? Who checks them ? No one. You’ve bought and paid for them and that’s it. Your Gp never needs to know, no one does unless you share. I found my lump at the peak of the PIP scandal, mine were ‘installed’ in 2003 and luckily weren’t PIP. Guess this situation highlights the risk of implants and other cosmetic interventions. Who ever checks you are ok – a year or more after the treatment ? No one.

Food for thought for any young woman wanting to boost her confidence or boob size. Perhaps this should be a warning to them all. 

I can’t change anything that’s happened to me or the decisions I made and I know that. But if I can help others, than this isn’t all in vain.


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