Whoop there it is ….

Whoop there it is ….4 down and 2 to go !! Can I kick it – yes I CAN !!!

26 Oct 2012 by sassy71

So I swapped to the highly reputed Tax this week and I freely admit was apprehensive about it’s bad boy reputation, but luckily no allergic reaction at installation this time …

I know this one can be a creeper and altho I feel a lot better than i would do on day 1 post FEC I’m not letting my guard down to quickly and celebrating prematurely. Most people say day 4 is the bone pain creeping in. So have my coping strategies at hand and distractions. 

I can’t complain though, life is good and I feel jubilant in my journey, sure life isn’t what it was 6 months ago – much of it is better. Resetting your priorities is vital or you waste your precious life on the wrong things and wrong people. Whilst Cancer is unsettling, we will never be absolutely clear or some of us shake it off completely , we can’t let it ruin our hopes, dreams and aspirations. There are always obstacles in life and it’s adapting, working around them or different ways over them to continue. I myself face the fact that my spread means curative is a hope and more realistic is living with a chronic disease. If that’s the case – you still live – I intend to …And there’s no stopping us right now !! 

I’m a martial artist, it gives me determination and chemo has ravaged my fitness but not my desire, so my aerobic capacity has dropped and strained but it;s not stopping me – I have found alternative less vigorous training until I finish chemo and then start working back on my fitness. Life is a series of challenges.It’s up to you if you face them or run away. I always like a head on battle. I do laugh at myself tho I was with my team last weekend and with my bald head fit in more with the tough MMA guys look now. They say Sassy you got bigger balls then me, You are fighting a tougher battle than we ever will – I look at their shovel fists, boxers ears and muscles for days and think I dunno chemo is more of a chess player than a ground and pound guy. It’s sly and tactical you are never sure which angle it can come with – altho sometimes with a sneaky upper cut !! My boxing coach was positive about my return and my Muay Thai coach filled me with carbs to my already heavier frame – ha I said you just want to fatten me up do I get back kicking quicker – of course he says back in the cage for you !! My therapy work is picking up again with another team interested and my wig Sassy so convincing they were shocked I was still on chemo after inviitng me to roll on the mats with some BJJ training. Life is good, can you ever imagine you can have cancer and feel so happy and excited by lifes opportunities ?? I am and make no apologies of my exburance for life – I’m living to the fullest whilst I can

#here’s to living and learning from this journey !!! Keep fighting everyone ❤ 



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