It’s my birthday ….

It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday ….

24 Sep 2012 by sassy71

Well – here I am my birthday’s eve – ta da !! What a difference a year makes …last year I turned 40 and was in the whirlwind of juggling work, studying, kids, social life, and who knows whatever else. I never walked if I could run, I frequently skipped meals, had many sleepless nights – lots for great reasons tee hee hee and celebrated the new begining of my life in pyjamas with jager bombs 

If life begins at 40 my life sure the heck did !! I’m so grateful for my whirlwind lifestyle, impulsiveness and sense of fun – all the crazy sh*t we did to create the best memories , pictures and vids of our madness, it makes me laugh on more subdued days. 

A year later, what has changed ? Well aside from my physical appearance – I’ve never been bald on a birthday before lol …my fast pace has slowed down and the relaxed pace of life I’m enjoying and not yearning for the spreading myself too thin that my lack of boundaries caused before. My sense of fun and mischief intact, so this year I’ve swapped my shot glasses of jagermeister for lactulose lol …and sure maybe I’m swapping my up all nights dancing for a wee while but like Arnie I’ll be back. 

Life is good, I used to be a bit down around birthday’s, my mum died 2 days before my birthday 7 years ago and for a while I lost the feel for celebration until I realised my mum would want me to live, to appreciate life and celebrate and so it was restored and I celebrated for her too. This year will be no exception and actually another real reason to celebrate- sure I’m midway through chemo but so what. Life is for living, making mad memories and good times. 4 months since diagnosis I’ve packed even more in the past months than before, why cry when you can laugh, why sit alone when you can share with friends. It’s my birthday but I don;t need any gifts, I’ve already got them – my life , my wonderful kids and my amazing friends…here’s to making more memories, laughing until your stomach hurts, the only tears of laughter and moans of delight – oh er someone is thinking birthday sex could be on the agenda ha ! LOL 

So here’s to my non alcoholic shots and savoury cake lol …dancing in short bursts or sitting down, I’m partying hard chemo stylee this year …and here’s to many, many more when this journey is over …now close your eyes and make a wish …….


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