Eat, Pray, Love without the expensive flights and Malaria Jabs Vs Yoda Guru

Eat, Pray, Love without the expensive flights and malaria jabs Vs Yoda Guru

3 Aug 2012 by sassy71

Mannnnnn I really like that film. All her adventures discovering herself in beautiful places, finding acceptance, peace, stillness and love ..for herself as well as the happily ever after ending. At the beginning of the year I was happily throwing that wish out there , I loved the idea of my own spiritual development in Thailand with beautiful beaches hmmmmm . So there I was wishing away and clearly the law of attraction could hear me and clearly responded – your wish is my command

What was I wishing for , ‘I wish I could have a year’s paid leave from work ….under positive circumstances’ …is what I asked.for,maybe I wasn’t specific enough and didn’t stick in a disclaimer saying for no ill health reasons

BUT hold on ! Isn’t this positive ?? I can provide a pretty comprehensive list of the positives being diagnosed with BC has given me That may sound a little disconcerning to some, but this is my blog, mine !! So i shall write as I feel oh and you don’t have to comment – honest this is just an outlet  🙂

Everyday I am grateful for the opportunities that present themselves, for the love & support I have from friends, loved ones , for the lessons I learn from others on my journey and pass on in return to other people I meet. I have a new appreciation of  people around me, and even a deeper sense of respect for myself, I feel valued, appreciated and loved – but more importantly I FEEL this about myself. I’m chilled and relaxed, my pace slower, not having the weight of the world of work on my shoulders, no Monday blues – no idea what day it is unless have an appointment, no rushing across the capital, ironically my stress levels have dropped. I’ve stopped stressing the minors, stopped talking to the people that mentally drained me, stopped shouldering everyone else’s problems and trying to solve them. Damn it this Cancer Career Break is pretty good. 

Every now and then I have to get myself in check and I have a little reminder from friends along the way, when my impatience or anxiety appears. This week my guru like Yoda friend reminded me …

” Have not started you have, treating yourself like a patient already you are. Live now and prepare for the bad days and make positive habits now instead saying – when I’m tired I’ll do blah blah’   He sounds so good like Yoda, it’s the Yoda remix lol…but he was right, I was saying to myself when I’m on chemo I’ll still exercise or meditate…are you doing this now ?? Oh yeah !! Ummm… ok well  the exercise I am, but my weapons of spiritual distraction I had neglected. I had to pay him 50p for this life coaching expression – joke !!

So, my backdrop for my spiritual development and learning curve isn’t Thailand like I imagined, but here in sunny (??) UK I am sure I have a lot of learning ahead of me. This week has been filled with reading, reflexology, EFT – ooh I like, Alexander Technique and sitting peacefully beside water – not the sink or toilet I swear and under trees. Ommmmmmmmm 

I ❤ the stillness and peace I’m finding in my usual manic existence. There are always an oasis even in a concrete jungle. No I haven’t been dropped in my head, I’m just embracing my introverted side for a bit … Class clown Sassy is still in effect and available for bookings 🙂


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