Don’t stop me ….

Don’t stop me now, I’m having such a good time – I’m having a ball…..

16 Nov 2012 by sassy71

Ok, so 5th installation done and just one more to go. Can I kick it – yes I CAN !

Sure my steroids maybe whipping up this positive frenzy but they aren’t the underlying positive feelings that are growing and gathering as I am nearing the end of this chemo treatment. I am proud of myself for coping so well and I feel blessed and grateful to my friends, family and medical team for their continued support and encouragement on this journey.

You do need help on this path and as a perpetual giver prior to my diagnosis it’s been an education to receive from others too, but you realise you actually need the balance of both in your life. As much as it feels good to give, it also makes others feel good by giving to you and you receiving. It need not be big things, just smiles, hugs, sharing emails, blogs, dropping in with food, acknowledging any side effects …so long as you are in a reciprocated friendship it’s all good. Give and take 

I’m bursting with joy today, my brain active while my body rests. I feel content and excited that I have this second opportunity at life and will maximise it for as long as I can. I love the days like this where I have to rest, but can stimulate my brain reading and researching a luxury when I’m back in the fast paced working world. Today I thought so I really return to that world after treatment ends ? Sure we are all tied one way or another with financial burdens mores the pity and wouldn’t it be marvellous to not have them and be free ? But life is not always like that – so you find alternatives to work around the obstacles , under, over, around, whatever. I am putting out to the universe (as I’m pretty spiritual – it works for me ) that I want a positive change, you need to make your own opportunities in life, I’ve always been self motivated and driven so won’t lack enthusiasm to achieve this. I’m thinking of using this life changing experience as something positive to help others so emailed some charities for volunteering options – don’t think I’m the only person who wants to give back after this am I ?

Well I hope that the side effect Gods are kind with this treatment, it’s usually a creeper and every high has a low – but it’s temporary and it passes and I for one am eternally grateful for the treatments and interventions that can help to heal us and give us back our lives

#one life, forget how long for – just maximise all that you have for as long as you can 🙂 


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