Count your blessings

Count your blessings

9 Sep 2012 by sassy71

It’s quite simple really in my mind. If you keep focusing on the bad or the things you dislike or don’t want you get more of them. So I opted out of that trap and keep focusing on the good things, maybe it’s all the self help books and articles I’ve absorbed and digested, maybe it’s my (annoying for some) sunny disposition , Eric Idle would be proud. Always look on the bright side of life …

It’s true …I could CHOOSE to whinge and moan about it not being fair – why ? 1 in 3 people are diagnosed that’s a fact and it discriminates against no one. Why waste time and energy on something that has happened and you can’t change.

I could CHOOSE to focus on the past – what I was – what I physically looked like , with my boobs and my long hair – but how would that help me accept the new me ? It can’t be changed, it’s happened and it doesn’t make me any less of a woman or less attractive in my mind. 

I could CHOOSE to focus on the restrictions or limitations that the intensive treatments to save me will or could cause. But why worry about something until it happens and why begrudge something whole heartedly that is designed to prolong your life ?

So instead I have CHOSEN to be grateful for the wake up call breast cancer has brought me , the realisation that I needed to make changes to my life, a harsh lesson but a necessary one.

I have CHOSEN to accept the new me, and love me , my battle scars, my fighting hair and soon to be tribal tattoos. It adds more character and stories on my journey through life.

I have CHOSEN to accept the sometimes scary & painful side effects of chemo and go with the flow, let it take over my body while it does it work chasing the cancer cells away…this is a tougher acceptance at times as pain and fear are harder to accept in the midst of them. But I have committed to this cause of action and hope it’s successful.

Everyday I wake up grateful for every blessing I have, my life, my strength, my positive nature, my independence and capacity to make decisions and communicate ,my kids, my home, my wonderful friends old and new …the new people I encounter on my journey, the new experiences , the new lessons, my ability to embrace this challenge and learn from it. 

And everyday I see people not diagnosed with cancer wasting time, wasting their health, moaning about minor problems or being ungrateful for the great things in their life ….AND I shake my head and it reminds me again how lucky I am …CHOOSE LIFE, CHOOSE TO LIVE AND MAKE THE BEST OF EVERY SITUATION AND YOU WILL REAP WHAT YOU SOW 🙂 


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